Astratonaut of the Month - 2022

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Each month, we recognize the outstanding contributions of our community members. From outstanding visual data stories to inspiring conversations and informative content- these community members deserve to be recognized!

November 2022- @HazamChawki_DZ31

Hazam has recently started using Astrato for the DataDNA challenges and has wowed the judges and contestants with his entries! Check out some of his work here.

October 2022 - @Yogi_HY_Analytics

Yogi has created some of the most unique solutions with Astrato, including his winning entry to the first GoodViz Challenge that wowed the community. His feature requests have helped Astrato evolve quickly and we're thankful for all of his feedback. Check out some of his work here.

September 2022 - @treeves

Tabitha hit the ground running with an inspirational (and funny) Astrato Challenge workbook! She also continues to post feature requests and provides great feedback. Check out her workbook here.

August 2022 - @Robert_Mika

Robert has shown off his Astrato skills in various challenges and is an active Feature Request contributor! Check out some of his workbooks here.

July 2022 - @Taylor

Taylor is one of our amazing Astrato GoodViz Challenge winners! Check out the award-winning workbook here.

June 2022 - @HendrikSpeelman

Hendrik is an active Astratonaut, participating in the DataDNA challenges and exploring the possibilities with Astrato. His winning entry to the May DataDNA challenge is featured in the Inspiration Category- check it out!

May 2022 - @Temidayo

Temidayo has been an active community member who is always up for a challenge! He loves to "unbox" new features and share his experience with others! Check out his blog on embeds here!

April 2022 - @leesmith84

Lee participates regularly in sharing ideas and feedback on the community. He was also awarded the winner of the DataDNA Challenge Astrato Entry!

March 2022 - @Jochem

Jochem inspired us with his fun and creative workbooks- like this COVID-19 and this Bitcoin dashboard!

Check back each month to meet our newly recognized Astratonauts! 👨🏻‍🚀 🚀