How to get to the Top 100 ESG Companies: an executive dashboard - Astrato GoodViz Challenge

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Hi Astratonauts!

I had a rather relaxed schedule this week so I decided to join the Big Data Club x Astrato #Hackathon and try to learn this new visualization tool.

The Hackathon challenge is to create an executive dashboard to help companies in improving their ESG and crack the Top 100 ESG Companies list. Since each industry may have different way of conducting business, I suppose it would be nice to focus on the company’s industry and/or other related industries and see how the Top 100 ESG Companies doing.

Here's how the dashboard looks like:


Some interesting insights from the visualization:

  • Transparency to your company ESG is a must to be on the top 100
  • Different industry has high scores on different IPCTL metrics, meaning that there are several IPCTL metrics that the companies in the industry focus on

This dashboard may help to provide a starting point on what kind of activities that can help company in certain industry to improve their ESG score. Also it helps narrow down IPCTL Metrics to focus on from 86 metrics to only 10 (from what’s available on the dataset).

Let me know what you guys think of this dashboard :)


  • jeremyjchia
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    Love the insights from the dashboard!

  • dataemily
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    @reshadirga really interesting insights and approach to the stated business problem! I loved interacting with your dashboard through the embed link. You found some great new features like color rules to really focus the data story!

    How would you incorporate an input table to this analysis? Maybe allow the user to add a comment about a company or industry that they are investigating? Great work!

  • Jochem
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    Nice to see your good work, I made a screenshots with some remarks / tips, maybe usefull for your next Hackaton!