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Hello Astratonauts!

What does it take to join the ESG Top 100 Companies list, an esteemed group of companies that demonstrate both their business acumen and commitment to sustainable practices. Through the power of data visualization and Astrato, I will be attempting to answer this question today!

First, I wanted to explore the data itself, looking at which countries dominated the list. Here, the United States and China made up the most number. Across some key environmental scoring metrics, such as GHG emissions, reporting, and climate strategy scores, we can see that France has the highest averages in the top 5 countries list.

Zooming into the industry level, the Biotech industry had the highest average environmental reporting score, and Walmart is a market leader in terms of its GHG emission score given company size.

Now that we have an understanding of the breakout of countries, metrics, and industries, let's create an ESG target dashboard for our potential company to know where it should focus its efforts.

As you can see above, there is a clear threshold that must be met to enter the ESG Top 100 list. Climate Strategy is key, followed by Environmental Reporting and E-Pillar score. On the right are the leaders, and they stack up in terms of reporting.

Here are the links to the dashboard sheets for further analysis and exploration:


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    Very interesting analysis @vflawson! How do you think country impacts a company's ability to enter into the top 100? I saw your input box for country- how is that data being used in your visuals?

    I like that your second sheet gets down to the details of Target Metrics. This is critical for answering the business question at hand. How could you provide an input box here for your team to track or analyze your own business and figure out how you compare or where your gaps are?

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    Nice to see your good work, I made a screenshots with some remarks / tips, maybe usefull for your next Hackaton!

  • vflawson
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    Hi @dataemily,

    Thank you very much for your helpful questions that allow me to reflect on improvements and further analysis into the dashboard!

    In terms of the role that the country dimension plays in the ESG Top 100 list, I initially wanted to understand the breakdown of the list by country and view average scores across important environmental categories. This could be insightful for candidate companies in terms of 1) which countries to emulate on a management and corporate structure side, 2) which categories other companies from the same country excelled in, and 3) if there was a potential country bias in the ranking. While additional research would of course need to be conducted, it does appear that the United States and China have an "easier" time entering the list when regarding their relatively low averages compared to France and Switzerland.

    The country input box represents a very simple approach to collecting data on which countries the viewers represent. My idea here was to use this data collection to decide on the next step: deep diving into a particular country and understanding the unique characteristics that will influence how a company can enter into the list. However, I much prefer your idea on an input box in the second sheet to use in tracking your own company performance along these metrics. I could envision an input box that would gather the current date and company results for each metric. This data could then feed into a time series graph demonstrating the improvement over time of the company across these important scores.

  • vflawson
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    Thank you very much @Jochem for your great tips and insights into how I can improve my dashboard!

    That is a great call out on using a vertical bar chart to allow for data labels. As of now, the industries are only visible via tooltip when hovering, but I absolutely agree that a vertical chart would be more helpful visually.

    The input box was based on an idea I had to understand where the main viewers are located geographically in order to design a country-specific dashboard for them as a next step. However, I think this execution could have been done better!

  • dataemily
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    @vflawson Thanks, great follow up! I love the ideas you've presented here. Really thorough thought process too :)