Introducing myself

Marjolein Member Posts: 11 Type 0.5

Good morning, I'm new at Astrato so I would like to shortly introduce myself.

I'm working with data for over 15 years but mostly with Excel and Access. Looking back I thought I was pretty good in Excel with pivots, Vertical lookups and data importing in Access from SAP BW but I know better now.

Because of losing my job about 2 years ago, I started to follow course after course. Excel, Sql, database basics and a lot of Power BI. That resulted in my current roll of a Business consultant helping customers with the transaction to Power BI.

I 'm training my skills by participating in dashboard challenges, mainly with Maven Analytics. It really helps to do it all on your own.

I also participated in DataDNA challenges a couple of times and that's where I learned about Astrato. After two attempts I was so intrigued that I pushed myself through and delivered the Star Wars entry.

And as said, I'm a good learner on the job and I really love the challenges, so I'm looking forward to the next round, in the meanwhile, I will look back at the monthly live sessions to get more ideas about the possibilities.


  • joe_warbington
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    Welcome @Marjolein ! Thanks for sharing your work and giving us feedback on Astrato. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations in the future.

  • Yogi_HY_Analytics
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    @Marjolein you've got a bright future in analytics for sure! This is amazing work! Love the donut chart in the eye of the death star laser!