10 Minute Dashboard (Astrato Dash-Off)

StephFrench Administrator Posts: 10 admin
edited October 2022 in Inspiration

As promised yesterday during the first "Great Astrato Dash-Off," I am sharing my 10-minute dashboard design. Ten minutes went by very quickly, and if I had more time, I would have created a couple more charts and a more robust filtering system allowing the user to choose more specific insights.

@piersbatchelor did an excellent job of creating a filtering system that allowed for quick insights and would enable the user to narrow results to information relevant to a specific business question in his 10-minute dashboard.

Beyond that, I would have added some icons and created a more polished look overall if I had more time. However, I am impressed with how easily I could create a ready-to-use, interactive dashboard with KPIs, sourced directly from Snowflake ❄️ in just 10 minutes in Astrato!

I can't wait for the next dash-off...it will be interesting to see how different competitors will use their 10 minutes!