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Here you have a PDF of my submission of the Women in STEM challenge. I'm still trying to get the dashboard embedded, I will have another try later today.

It is fully built in Astrato and I did publish before in other challenges so finally it must be ok.

My most important insights are:

The percentage of female STEM students is significantly higher than the percentage of female STEM employees. There are a lot of students who don't stay in STEM.

A high percentage of female STEM students has a non-white demography (45%) in relation to the total population of employees (36%).

A large proportion of the female STEM students (15%) ánd STEM employees (16%) are Asian. This is relatively high looking at the total employees (7%).

My main recommendations are:

Develop a marketing campaign, targeting women on campus, to convince them to stay in STEM and do an internship.

Promote STEM occupations for both man and women.

Focus on female STEM Hispanic or Latino students. There are relative few of them going from a STEM education to a STEM occupation.

Link to my LinkedIn post with why and how I choose for this design and insights is here:

Link to my Astrato workspace

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