Help - Your data query is invalid!

paulaK Member Posts: 4 Type 0

When I view the Pokemon dashboard, nothing seems to work. I just get the message "Your data query is invalid!" in a bunch of spots. I haven't modified it and Support confirmed that my Demo Data Set connection wasn't removed or edited.

How do I fix this?

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  • dataemily
    dataemily Member Posts: 93 Type 2
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    Hi @paulaK If you haven't modified or deleted the data view, this error shouldn't be appearing. I can confirm that the dashboard still works for me. Have you tried to "edit" instead of view the workbook. From there you can check the data view to make sure that nothing has changed.


  • paulaK
    paulaK Member Posts: 4 Type 0

    Thank you. I am chatting with support about the data connection now.

    I can build my own pokemon dashboard with the data, so it appears that the connection works, but this demo dashboard is broken still

  • AstralMiikka
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    I got same error on all Astrato applications. Unedited demo apps, my own apps, unfinished apps. After chancing sheet on Astrato I got Show Console button and from there I got Invalid CSRF token error.

    I solved problem by clearing all cookies from Astrato, then adding to allowed exception in cookies and site data setting in Firefox. Step-by-step guide can be found by searching Invalid CSRF token.



  • Olek
    Olek Member Posts: 1 Type 0

    The problem has been solved, it is in the testing phase. ETA on production 13/02/2023.