📣 Winning Announcement 📣 Astrato’s March Mad-DASH Tournament

JasonRadford Member, Administrator, Moderator Posts: 42 admin

… and the winner is! 

Congratulations to Team Deloitte (@era15ndreu) 👇️, the winner of the first-ever Astrato Mad-DASH Contest! 

We love this dashboard because not only because it is bold and engaging, but because it is jam-packed with information!. 

We’d also like to congratulate our runner up: @Marjolein  👇️

It was great to see how many people were getting involved with the voting in the first Astrato Mad-DASH Tournament! A huge thanks to everyone who took part: @Blessing @HazamChawki_DZ31 @chiragpradhan @era15ndreu @louisa @HendrikSpeelman @Jochem @Karolina_G @lynda_c @Marjolein @mert_tutuncu @Robert_Mika @Taylor @ydelbys @Yogi_HY_Analytics @treeves Angelika Klidas

To be featured in the next Astrato Mad-Dash, make sure to take part in our challenges and stay tuned to our Galaxy!