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In today’s modern data world, data leaders need to move beyond a sound understanding of strategic capabilities and opportunities. Being open to innovation and taking new ideas on board is also essential.

According to Gartner’s report, Leadership Vision for 2022: Top 3 Strategic Priorities for Data and Analytics Leaders, “Progressive data and analytics (D&A) leaders are shifting the conversation away from tools and technology and toward decision making as a business competency. This evolution will take time to achieve, but D&A leaders are in the best position to help orchestrate and lead this change.”

Here are five tips to help strengthen your data leadership and help you gain momentum.

1. Know your business. A strong understanding of your business and industry will help you lead a diverse data team effectively. And get the most from all your resources.

2. Create an analytics-infused business strategy. Instead of creating a data or analytics strategy, rather infuse your business strategy with analytics to help streamline digital transformation. Why? Gartner says it best: “In this way, D&A becomes a value creation center that connects D&A to the business and helps to ensure enterprise success”.

Leveraging data for progressive data leadership

Source: Gartner

3. Adopt an adaptive data governance approach. The time for one-size-fits-all data governance has passed. It can limit the scalability and value you derive from your data. Gartner shares that switching to an adaptive approach can help you “flexibly select different governance styles for differing business scenarios”.

4. Modernize your data analytics operating model. Your operating model should take into account the operational capabilities and competencies, like the people, process and culture you need to execute your strategy. You can manage your resources more effectively with the help of analytics.

5. Remember that fortune favors the brave! A positive, curious attitude will enable you to find out what you need to know, keep learning, and maintain a progressive leadership approach that allows room for growth, change, and success as a team!

If you found those tips helpful, you may enjoy learning more about Demystifying the modern data stack – a recent talk by our Astrato Product Director, Alexander Thor, on the DATAcated show.


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