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Emily Cline VizlibEmily Cline, a Senior Solutions Architect at Astrato, shares why she’s passionate about the inspiring Astrato Galaxy community! 

With so many networks and communities out there, it can be overwhelming to sift through and find where you fit in. None of us need another notification popping up on our phones which we then ignore. We need meaningful connections and a place to be inspired and grow together in the modern world of cloud-native analytics!

Here are 5 reasons why YOU should join Astrato Galaxy:

1. Build your network of leaders in cloud-native BI 🚀

Gartner predicted that data and analytics leaders will need to converge AI, BI, and Data strategies to prevent further fracturing of tools, people and processes. In the Galaxy, you will find a network of modern data leaders and strategists who champion modern data strategies and cloud-native approach to BI. Connect, build your network, and become a recognized leader in the modern data analytics ecosystem.

2. Learn from and inspire others! 💡

The Galaxy is your one-stop shop for learning and inspiration! Ask questions about Astrato, share what you’ve learned, discuss industry trends, and be inspired by other BI developers! We have an entire space in the Galaxy that is DEDICATED to sharing dashboard designs and inspiration! Build your portfolio and explore the knowledge found in the Galaxy!

3. You have a say! 🤩

Share your ideas and let your voice be heard! Find yourself thinking “I wish Astrato could do….”? The Idea Forum is the perfect place to share your ideas for product enhancements, vote on ideas posted by others, or have two-way conversations that can help influence the development team (and in turn, influence the future product roadmap)! Together, we can collaborate for the future!

4. Have fun & compete 🏆

The Galaxy isn’t just for business – you can have fun and compete too! Have fun sharing your dashboard faux pas, or show us your competitive side by climbing the ranks of the leaderboard! As you interact with the community and become a trusted resource, your reputation will grow and you will be recognized as a Modern Data Leader and Galactic Allstar!

5. It is completely FREE 👍

Need I say more? You can connect with the community, share your ideas, ask and answer questions, learn from each other, AND build your own Astrato visualizations for free. We are empowering BI Leaders to launch their analytics careers into the modern data world by connecting, inspiring, and growing together! 

Join us in the Astrato Galaxy!  

Okay. We know you want to, so go on and click:

Explore the Galaxy

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