Astrato Formula 1 analysis

Abisoye_Suberu22 Member Posts: 2 Type 0
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Great partaking in this year's challenge. One key upgrade should be been able to choose how many figures you want like for example choosing the top 5 and bottom 5


  • joe_warbington
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    Nice work @Abisoye_Suberu22!

    The red text is a bit harsh on the screen with a grey background. I would mute that color some or use a background image behind all of it in place of the grey.

    I really like that you included a summary of the insights. That's clever.

    If you have any Feature Requests for capabilities or visuals that you'd like to see, please share those here:

  • dataemily
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    @Abisoye_Suberu22 Welcome to the challenge! I agree with Joe's suggestions. You can also look into changing axis label colors under the axis tab.

    Regarding your comment on limiting the dataset- You can check out the sorting and limiting functionality under the data tab of a selected chart. You can use this option to change to top 5 (or bottom 5 if you reverse the sort order)!