Share your work & be inspired!

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Welcome to the Galaxy's Inspiration! Share your work and find work from fellow Astratonauts here!

Sharing your work is simple! Just add an image of your workbook like the one below:

You can enhance your post with comments or questions and of course, adding an embed link!

To embed a workbook into your post, follow these simple steps:

  1. Create a free codepen account
  2. Enable embed links in the admin section of Astrato and add,, AND to your allow list
  3. Right click on your published dashboard and generate the embed code for your sheet
  4. Copy the embed code into the html section of a new pen on your codepen account. I also added some styling to adjust the display size (view my codepen for an example)
  5. Paste the link into your discussion!

Our documentation can be found here.

Alternatively, you can just paste the web link into a discussion (with a screenshot of course!) for Astratonauts to click on and explore in a new tab!

Happy viz-ing!