Astrato Noble Prize Winners - May OnyxData Challenge

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Hi there,

Here is my submission for the OnyxData challenge of May.

In this Astrato dashboard, I have visualized some of the key elements which I found interesting after a simple data profiling session:

  • Gender (with a focus on women)
  • Country (with a focus on top 5)
  • Category (with a mix of gender and category)
  • Age (with a mix of category)

I used some storytelling techniques (like text with bold numbers) to put an emphasis on the (sometimes astonishing) numbers which I found in the dataset.

The goal of this dashboard was to end up as simple, yet elegant.


  • dataemily
    dataemily Member Posts: 93 Type 2

    Awesome storytelling, @HendrikSpeelman ! I really like your use of color highlighting to focus the message on the disparity of the country of the winner (US vs #2-5). On the category, the grey makes the female bar fade away and seem less important. I might suggest bringing in one more accent color for the female highlights so you could follow that story through each of the visuals in your worksheet. Overall great analysis and I love your choice of visuals!

  • HendrikSpeelman
    HendrikSpeelman Member Posts: 6 Type 1

    Hi @dataemily , Thank you for your feedback! Totally makes sense. And I agree with you on bringing in an additional color for the emphasis on female! Cannot wait for the color themes to try it out! ;-)