Astrato at Big Data and AI with BARC in Frankfurt

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Today is the 2nd day of the Big Data and AI with BARC event in Frankfurt! Did any of you Astratonauts manage to attend? Or still going to visit? 

Our Astrato team is there in person and loving chatting to everyone about their innovative ideas, use case questions and everything about modern analytics in the cloud.

I chatted to a few of them and here’s some of their cool feedback…

Piers (Product Manager)

I love that one of the conference attendees responded with,  "Why is nobody else doing this?"

after learning about our live query BI with writeback. He said he was using PostgreSQL. 

Oh and this gem too from another attendee: “Astrato is a wow product, it is a crime that we don't use this product!”

Al (our Head of Product Marketing)

Here’s the response I got from the Head of Data Governance & Compliance at a top DE bank  when I asked him “What keeps you up night?”  His answer, “Data extracts.”

(Yes, I think we may have a solution for that data extracts issue, right Al! 😉)

And I asked a beta adopter, “What do you like most about being an Astrato user?”  And their reply, “Astrato puts a smile on my face every day - I am a creator - you guys have just nailed Cloud/modern BI for me!”

Also, one of the other exhibitors shared this with me: “You are the slickest looking crew on the show floor - your branding & merch is rocking it. And thank you for my new socks!”   (Sock bribery in full swing as usual, Al?  😉)

Well, it seems like our team is having fun!  If any of you Astratonauts manage to pop down to the event today still, our gang is at stand L18!   Nice one.  Over and out.


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    Wonderful Read @Lindsay shame I couldn't attend but looking for the next one in London ;)

  • Lindsay
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    Yes, it's really cool to be able to go in-person events again, for sure! Bit easier if you're in the northern hemisphere already!😉

  • alherron_007
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    Great summary Lindsay :) - so very cool to hang out and talk data again !!