Information on the Top 100 ESG Companies - Astrato GoodViz Challenge

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Generally, the ESG ratings across the board for the Top 100 companies are on the high-end of the scale, however, there are some notable exceptions;

  • The climate score was exceptionally low for utilities - although, this was contributed by one specific company (NextEra Energy Inc.).
  • Unsurprisingly, an Oil company (Saudi Arabian Oil Company) had the lowest score. Even within the Top 100 companies.

The key focus areas remain as Climate Strategy, Environment Reporting, Operational Eco Efficiency, and Water Stress. These are the main contributors to the final E Pillar Score.

For the ESCP x Astrato Challenge #Hackathon


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    Great insights @jeremyjchia! Could you generate an embed link to share here in the comments?

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    Nice to see your good work, I made a screenshots with some remarks / tips, maybe usefull for your next Hackaton!

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    @jeremyjchia - nice work and always great to see other astratonauts work.

    really like the use of company logos on the scatter brings this to life a bit more. the only thing i would say is that from a user who doesn't understand the E Pillar score, is High score good / Bad? e.g Health Care being High does this mean its good or bad. so the use of colours on the chart could help here, alternatively some KPIs above that to show the top performing sector / country might be nice as this then takes the issues away from a user if they don't understand.