Sustainability of the top 100 ESG companies - Astrato GoodViz Challenge

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Hi Astratonauts !

Here is my submission for the ESCP x Astrato Challenge!

My main findings are the following :

  • The top 3 countries with the highest average climate strategy score of companies are Germany, France and Taiwan.
  • The country that contributes the most to GHG emissions is the United States (by far). However, this can be explained by the high number of US companies in this top compared to the other countries. In fact, 44 companies of the top are US companies.
  • The industries that participates the most to GHG emissions are 'Technology Hardware, Storage and Peripherals' and 'Health Care Providers and Services'. 'Technology Hardware, Storage and Peripherals' and 'Health Care Providers and Services' is also the industry that has the highest environmental impact and the second highest revenues.

For the ESCP x Astrato Challenge #Hackathon


  • dataemily
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    Interesting insights @OrianeDavid. It looks like you've shared a link to your dashboard instead of an embed link. could you generate an embed link by right clicking on the published workbooks sheet and selecting the option to generate a sheet embed link? Thanks!

  • OrianeDavid
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    Hello @dataemily ,

    Here is the embed link !

    Sorry for the inconvenience!


  • Jochem
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    Nice to see your good work, I made a screenshots with some remarks / tips, maybe usefull for your next Hackaton!

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    Nice work @OrianeDavid, like the thought behind the dashboard and as Jochem has mentioned could split the ranking into top 5 / bottom 5 possibly. but a neat visualisation that could be here to demonstrate comparisons, could be a table containing the country, values and progress bars for both of the bar charts. this might allow a good visual for comparing both values in one space, rather than reading up and down both bars to see comparisons. but neat work on this keep up the good effort