Blog: Cloud BI: Shortening the distance from insight to action with Live Query

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Clunky, old analytics infrastructure no longer addresses modern business needs. With data moving to the cloud, many forward-thinking data leaders have already begun adopting cloud analytics models for their businesses. Snowflake, a leading cloud-computing provider, speaks to how people work with data today: “Unify, integrate, analyze, and share previously siloed data” so your business can “execute diverse analytic workloads wherever data lives or wherever users are located”.

Traditional vs. Cloud BI tools

Traditional BI tools replicate or move data in the Extract, Transform, Load, Transform (ETLT) process. With this setup, the data is not stored in one place and is often siloed, which prevents a single source of truth and can slow down workflows. But what about Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs, for instance, that rely on up-to-date metrics, like Throughput or other essential KPIs?

Modern vs Legacy BI process

“Analysts are tasked with ensuring that the data presented is consistent and reliable. If data is stored and transformed in a number of places, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain consistent, therefore more difficult to trust.” Piers Batchelor, Product Manager, Astrato

Where your data is stored plays an important role in ensuring insights are readily available to every department. With cloud BI solutions like Snowflake, your data is stored in one place, so everyone can discover and share live data quickly in a safe, governed environment.

The benefits of BI in the cloud also include:

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Improved speed and performance
  • Increased data storage
  • Near-infinite scalability
  • Enhanced data sharing

Instant insights with Astrato’s cloud-native BI

Astrato’s no-code, cloud-native platform connects everyone with instant insights they can trust. With Astrato’s live query capability, you connect directly to live data in the cloud and eliminate data extracts. There is no data movement, so your organization will be working with a single source of truth.

From a performance perspective, the load time to access data is no longer minutes, hours or even days, but rather milliseconds with Astrato’s live query. As a result, you’re able to reverse the 80/20 rule (the principle that 80% of your outcomes are produced by 20% of your causes) and focus on making your data talk! This modernization also improves the user experience, reduces the pressure on data professionals, and boosts overall confidence that the data at the heart of your business story is the truth.

With a growing number of teams requiring access to data in order to steer their strategies and decisions, it has never been more important for businesses to have fresh, reliable insights.

Astrato also helps businesses streamline their insight journey through embedded analytics. With Astrato Embeds, you can embed live insights into your everyday business apps (like HubSpot, Confluence or SharePoint) and take your Snowflake insights anywhere!


Astrato is free for up to five users with no time restrictions. Start your journey into the new data world now.

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