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Every department, from HR to IT, Accounting, and Sales needs to get the most from their resources to drive revenue. The solution lies in optimizing business operations. With a modern,  integrated analytics solution, your team will have access to fresh insights, a single source of truth, and the tools to work smarter.

Why your team needs two-way data flows

A two-way data flow means users can input and update data at the source or write back while remaining in their Business Intelligence (BI) application. This speeds up the time to insights and ensures data is always accurate. In any modern business, it’s not only data teams that rely on fresh insights to work effectively. Business users in Marketing, HR, and other business ops units also work more efficiently with up-to-date data.

Siloed data is a common barrier to the flow of business ops insights. Data can become siloed when different departments use different systems and software tools that don’t talk to each other or are not integrated. As a result, sharing insights with other departments is limited or even impossible. Your finance team, for instance, may create their monthly financial report in Excel. And when it comes to sharing it with other departments, the report is sent as an email attachment, which is an inefficient way to share crucial information.

Dated business software that doesn’t integrate with other business tools is another hindrance to insight discovery. For instance, your CRM software may not integrate with the application your marketing team uses to manage leads. This could severely cloud visibility into lead generation workflows and even limit potential revenue.

Two-way data flow apps enable your teams to go beyond merely distributing information. They can interact with data – comment on and discuss their findings and smoothly collaborate without leaving the app. This approach reduces the frustration users often have with read-only dashboards that result in more questions than answers.

Smarter analytics with Astrato

Astrato’s cloud-native, no-code BI and analytics platform connects users directly with their data, saving time so business ops teams can support the whole organization efficiently.

You could work smarter by creating two-way data stories with Astrato’s Writeback capability. For example, capture and visualize your sales KPI data entirely in the same product for instant visibility into team targets. Or update data in real-time to keep essential metrics fresh, like financial or stock information. Together with Astrato’s live query capability – connecting directly to live data in the cloud – you ensure a single source of truth across all departments. And insights that everyone can trust.


It’s easier to empower everyone to work with data when the BI solution does the heavy lifting for you. You can simplify how your department uncovers insights with embedded analytics – integrating insights into your enterprise software. With Astrato Embeds, your team can embed live insights into the business apps you use every day such as HubSpot, Confluence, and SharePoint. So instead of wasting time toggling between applications, you can take your insights anywhere – a seamless integration that reduces cognitive tax, saves time, and improves efficiency.


Astrato is free for up to five users with no time restrictions. Step into the new data world now.

Work smarter with Astrato

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