Announcing... The Astrato GoodViz Challenge: A DataViz Competition with a Mission

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Hey, wonderful Astratonauts! 🚀

We've got exciting news 😃 for you... We've just launched an Astrato competition: 

The Astrato GoodViz Challenge - A DataViz Competition with a Mission!

This is your chance to show off your out-of-this-world Astrato skills AND stand a chance to win $1,000 (for the winner) and $500 each for the 2 runners up!

This challenge is to encourage more #dataforgood initiatives that create a positive impact in the world!

Find out more about this super fun challenge here, and enter if you DARE! 

#goodviz #dataforgood #data4good


  • Yogi_HY_Analytics
    Yogi_HY_Analytics Member, Partner Posts: 36 Type 1.5

    Howdy y'all,

    Are web embedded submissions allowed for this competition?

    I have a few great ideas but they currently require features that are in development, but I can workaround with HTML/Javascript.

  • joe_warbington
    joe_warbington Member, Partner, Customer Posts: 156 Type 2

    @Yogi_HY_Analytics - embedding the workbook (at least generating the public embed link) is part of the challenge. If it isn't turned on for you, it should be present in the next day or two as the feature is released to more people.

    As far as HTML / JS stuff, what are you looking to do? Feel free to reach out directly.

  • Yogi_HY_Analytics
    Yogi_HY_Analytics Member, Partner Posts: 36 Type 1.5

    @joe_warbington muchas gracias senor! I just wanted to make sure y'all weren't doing anything with embed links!