My submission for the #GoodViz Challenge

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I have to say that switching from Tableau to Astrato had some challenges for me but I tried completing the GoodViz Challenge and I'm quite happy with the result.

This is what my dashboard looks like:

A bigger screenshot is available here:

Main takeaways:

  • Bigger and wealthier (size is represented by revenue) companies do not necessarily care about the ESG goals - look at Walmart or the other big yellow circle on the scatter plot representing Saudi Arabian Oil Company - the least transparent firm in this ranking
  • Tech firms are on the top of this list
  • Most firms from the top 100 are located in the United States

I used median in most of my charts, as the average would be more sensitive based on outliers.


  • Karolina_G
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    Hopefully this link works:

  • joe_warbington
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    edited June 2022

    @Karolina_G - great work and fast off the starting line!

    UPDATE: You fixed it.

    The embed link doesn't work for you yet. I get "This item is unavailable at the moment." There may be some steps you need to enable to make it publicly accessible. You can get some help right in Astrato by clicking the pink-ish chat bubble in the lower right and opening a chat with our support team. I'll check back later to see how you're getting on.

  • cody.riemenschneider
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    @Karolina_G love the use of colors with the KPIs here! Great work!😀

  • Karolina_G
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    Thanks @joe_warbington! I think I just didn't enable external links in the admin panel but now it seems to be working (at least when I checked in the private mode of my browser).

  • Jochem
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    Great work @Karolina_G!

  • chiragpradhan
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    Fantastic dashboard, @Karolina_G

  • Lindsay
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    Well done, @Karolina_G ! I love the layout and clean feel! 🤩

  • Karolina_G
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    Thanks everyone for the nice comments! 😊