Error when connecting my snowflake data to Astrato

Benny Member Posts: 7 Type 0

I tried connecting your data to Astrato but I keep getting an error.

Error: Error 013101: ID c199c90c-90d7-4f39-be00-b7f4e1df37d1: Failed to connect to Snowflake.  Incorrect username or password was specified.

I dunno if it is because I picked a standard account and not an enterprise account when logging in. I just signout of Snowflakes and back in so it isn't the password.


  • dansanya14
    dansanya14 Administrator Posts: 40 admin

    Hey @Benny

    What happens if you try picking the enterprise account?

    Also, can you kindly raise this with Astrato Support on Intercom? We'd be interested in learning more about this issue and helping to resolve it

  • Benny
    Benny Member Posts: 7 Type 0

    Hi Daniel, so I fixed it. But I have a problem with the join. I cant find the column called 'SYMBOL' in the Data View Editor.