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Looking at the help centre and reading some articles looks like they are being written on a version that is available for Technical Group/Developers or early adopters.

Take for an example Time Travel:

I do not have this option so how can I use it?


  • Taylor
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    @Robert_Mika - at the time of your opening post things may have been different but from what I can tell Time Travel is enabled as seen here, at least in all the visualisations I have checked against.

    In your example what chart type were you attempting to apply Time Travel to?

  • Robert_Mika
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    @Taylor - yes you are right.

    Things have changed and the option is now available.

  • joe_warbington
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    @Ameena_AP - one for you?

  • MartinMahler
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    Our Technical Documentation is front-running the release cycle internally, so usually ready & available a few days before we actually ship the feature/capability.

    May explain why it was published but not yet available in the product. I guess we'll need to introduce a mechanism at some point where we publish alongside the release.. :)