My take on Forbes 2022 Billionaires Onyx #DataDNA challenge

Robert_Mika Member Posts: 45 Type 1.5
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My first dashboard.

Feels like in kindergarten again ;)


  • dataemily
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    @Robert_Mika I love how this looks like I'm reading a page from a magazine article! awesome use of some of the new coloring features to build the sleek color scheme you've got!

  • joe_warbington
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    Congrats on winning as a runner up in this month's #dataDNA Challenge! You and @treeves did an amazing job.

  • treeves
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    I have much to learn from you, Robert. You did such a good job with the data!

  • Robert_Mika
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    Thank you @treeves .

    Your submission is miles away from others...

    Admire your creativity