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Howdy Y'all,

We would like to introduce our submission for the Astrato Analytics 'GoodViz' challenge. 

The web embedded site can be reached at:

The goal of this application is for companies to insert their generated ESG scores and then use their 'Analytics' tab to compare versus other companies and finally use the 'Adjust' tab to increase their score to reach a 'Class M' planet.

Some strong data observations of the Top 100 ESG Companies:

1) Banks and Pharmaceutical companies top the list with over 20% dominance.

2) Central European countries tend to have a higher cumulative score.

3) Emerging market countries lag behind in scores.

4) The USA dominates with nearly 60% of companies originating from their shores.

Please take a shot yourself at and see if you can achieve a 'Class M' planet and put your name down to join the champion board!

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  • Jochem
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    Cool!! 😎 Nice work @Yogi_HY_Analytics and some great insights!! , @leesmith84 we need to step up 😅

  • leesmith84
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    @Jochem - you are not kidding... we will 100% have to up our game and time is running out... do we go red light or green light 😂...

    nice app @Yogi_HY_Analytics - shows some nice analytics and i like the use of this being embedded in what looks like a react front end. nice work 😎. will be looking to design some embedded analytics soon in a similar way, so would be keen to chat this through.

  • Yogi_HY_Analytics
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    @leesmith84 / @Jochem embedded apps are a blast for sure - this one was fun to build!

    Anytime y'all want to build a super app together let me know. 😁

  • dataemily
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    @Yogi_HY_Analytics very creative use of embed- Love how you are pushing the boundaries!

  • Lindsay
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    Nice one, @Yogi_HY_Analytics 👏🏼

  • joe_warbington
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    @Yogi_HY_Analytics - you are a magician! The experience you created around the data is something we can learn a lot from. Great ideas in action and a super compelling interactive website.

  • chiragpradhan
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    Wow! This section just keeps getting better. Great work, @Yogi_HY_Analytics