Astrato GoodViz Challenge Inspiration!

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Have you given the Astrato #GoodViz Challenge a try yet? I spun up this example entry in just two hours! I spent about 1 hr getting familiar with the data, doing background research on ESG scoring, searching for some supplemental data, and creating a custom data view for my data set. Then I spent about 30 min sketching and 20 minutes implementing my design in Astrato!

I thought that the industry level view of the data was quite interesting because each industry actually has different weights applied to the factors that make up each pillar and each pillar itself is weighted differently by industry. I didn't know that before and while I think it is useful for the different industries, it does make it awfully difficult to put companies on a level playing field or even compare them against one another. I would love to see more transparency around the ESG calculations as well, so that investors and companies alike can identify areas of weakness and opportunity for growth.