ESG Executive Dashboard for Red Oak Enterprises GoodViz

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Hi Astratonauts,

Quite excited to participate in this #GoodViz Challenge by Astrato.

In my submission, I have assumed that I am preparing the Executive Dashboard for John who is the Head of Global Services at a hypothetical company called Red Oak Enterprises. Red Oak prides itself in trying to meet ESG standards and the attached Dashboard gives the Senior Management a glance on how well/not so well the company is doing in terms of achieving it's ESG goals. The ESG median is calculated from the attached data sheet and a comparitive plotting(done in red) indicates how our company "Red Oaks" compares to the median standards of the Top 100 companies who qualified in ESG 2022. In a "glance", John can make out straight away, where his company is achieving goals and which numbers he needs to improve.

When John feels happy with his numbers, he can fill in the attached form for submission for ESG evaluation of his company.

The second tab just shows the state-of-the-industry overview for the managements questions if any.

All the best to all the Astratonauts! Cheers!

I think the the most exciting part of this project for me was exploring the features in Astrato. I learned to use custom color palettes as well as a lot of other features. I am an avid designer in Tableau and Power BI and Astrato is indeed a breath of fresh air. I specially love its speed on the cloud and seamless connectivity with Snowflake!