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Hi Astronauts!

Here is my take on the GoodViz Challenge. I got a bit carried away with the write-back feature. So much fun and so many possibilities!

Intro sheet

When our GoodViz CEO opens the dashboard. She will land on the intro page where she can read what ESG is again (she'll probably already knows this, but a refresher never hurts 😉).

I added some AVG en Median ESG Pillar scores for the top 100 ESG companies so our CEO can get a quick feel of the numbers and can start the ESG analysis with the right expectations.

ESG Calculator

The goal for our GoodViz company is to earn a spot on the top 100 list. No point in reinventing the wheel, let's learn from the companies that already have your desired pillar score. Copy their strategy, adjust to our needs and improve!

With the ESG Calculator, you can enter your desired ESG score in the input form. After entering the score, a list of companies appear that have a similar score for the entered pillar. You can then select the different companies you are interested in.

Pillar Analysis

With our companies we want to learn from selected, we can start diving into the data. Analyzing what industry they are in, their revenue, amount of employees,... All important metrics that can give us a bit of an image of the top companies and will hopefully help us improve our ESG score!

In a second phase of the dashboard, we should sit together with our GoodViz CEO to expand this sheet.

Embedded link

You can check out the embedded dashboard on our website:


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    @Fred really awesome data story! I’m seeing “page not found” for your embed link- could you check your link? I’d love to try out your write-back and explore the dashboard more!

  • Jochem
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    @Fred Looking really good! I like this part:

    i would like to see the running version if possible, i'm very interested in how data is calculated for the different pillars related to the values from the inputboxes. Especially for the E pillar, because S&G is not in the data, so this is calculated from your own Average values? (like Emily did....?)

  • Fred
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    @dataemily my bad, should be fixed now!

    @Jochem I found an extra dataset on Kaggle containing the S&G scores for most of the companies in the original dataset. I think I am missing somewhere around 20 companies.

  • dataemily
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    @Fred It's working now! Looks awesome! 🤩

  • Jochem
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    @Fred Nice Frederic, it works, and it is looking good 😎

  • HendrikSpeelman
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    @Fred Super awesome! Looking really good!