GoodViz Challenge: ESG Dashboard

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Cutting it very close with my submission, if only I had started earlier in month πŸ˜…

I can't deny that I may have got a little distracted from the initial focus and became too invested in tinkering... but I think I managed to pull it together in the end?

My focus has been to try and get an overarching view of the top 100 companies with a goal of identifying what areas they tend to focus on and the measures that generally appear to be neglected. This could either serve up an opportunity for the CEO to push an initiative to pluck one of the low hanging fruits and gain some ground on their overall ESG ranking.

I have incorporated drill down functionality in places to hopefully assist the audience with answering some of their burning questions that come from poking about the data at different perspectives.

Lastly I have an input page to allow the audience to add their own company and some measurements in what I perceived to be some of the core scores so they can see how they fair against the competition. That page also has some clever dynamic elements 😊

Some of the key observations I made were:

  1. Energy Production & Consumptions related measurements are almost 50% lower on average than the other areas, which I found somewhat surprising given the overlap that category shares with a few of the other area.
  2. The larger business with high revenue do not necessarily come out top on the ESG ladder. In fact there are a significant number of companies on the lower end of the size/revenue spectrum that score very well.

Good luck to all those that have also made a submission to the Good Viz comp!