OnyxData July Challenge - Pokemon

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Here's my bash at the July OnyxData challenge!

The angle I have taken rather than going in for purely the highest base stat is to calculate an overall "Weakness" score. I went for a balance of picking Pokémon with a top end stat distribution along with a reasonably low Weakness score.

Using the inputs you can indepenantly select each member of your dream team, even if you're not quite sure how to spell the name, give it a try: https://app.astrato.io/embed/UK63lrl 😉

The ultimate team:


  • joe_warbington
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    Professor Oak would be proud!

    @Taylor - excellent use of chart objects, shapes, and images to create this solution. And the interactive parts of this really add to the experience.

    It fits in the Pokémon universe so well, that I’d expect to see this built into one of the games or as an official resource for players building their battle decks.

  • Jochem
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    Nice!! Blur works great!