Astrato LIVE! 26 April 2022

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⚑ Ready to enter the New Data World in the cloud? πŸš€

Astrato's cloud-native BI and Analytics platform is built for modern data teams. Find out about the latest Astrato news, product releases, our roadmap and more from Martin Mahler (Founder), Joe Bickley (Head of Product), Joe Warbington (VP of Industry Solutions), and Alexander Thor (Product Director) in our monthly Astrato LIVE sessions.

00:00 - Introduction from founder, Martin Mahler

02:12 - Astrato Galaxy: Joe Warbington introduces our new online community!

06:42 - Product updates and demo by Alex Thor | Analysing data from PostgresSQL

10:30 - User section updates | Sorting abilities

11:28 - Astrato Embed enhancements | Allow List, Authorization Toggle

13:38 - Whitelabelling in Astrato | Addressing tool fatigue, ability to theme or personalize the lobby

17:44 - Astrato new product features | User Interface, Define and Select sections, join suggestions, examine join quality

21:28 - Writeback for Astrato | A preview of how you can transform dashboards into analytical apps

27:33 - New capabilities with Joe Bickley | Highlighting specific values with colors, applying color rules, coloring by category

31:52 - Roadmap with Joe Bickley, including:

32:07 - Authoring Workflow

34:43 - Platform

36:05 - Visualization

38:31 - Data Workflow

40:39 - Q&A!

Get ready to play the data where it lives! ❄️