Astrato LIVE! 26 July 2022 - Uncovering the hidden stories in your data

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Join us for Astrato LIVE – our monthly spotlight – to reimagine data storytelling and discover what stories your data isn't telling you yet with our modern, cloud-native analytics and visualization solution! Explore our latest product updates, learn how to get started quickly with Astrato, and get eyes on our game-changing roadmap. Hosted by Martin Mahler (Founder), Joe Bickley (Head of Product), Piers Batchelor (Product Manager) and Jane Li (Solutions Architect).

00:00 - Introduction from Founder, Martin Mahler

1:52 - Astrato GoodViz Challenge: Announcement of contest winners (Jane Li)

3:32 - Product Updates (Joe Bickley)

14:11 - Latest features (Piers Batchelor)

14:40 - Heatmap + custom gradient palette

18:22 - Time Travel

21:12 - Roadmap (Martin Mahler)

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