Favorite Books in Learning Charts!

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Hopefully, this gets you motivated to start reading. 😉 Here are my Top 3 books when it comes to learning your Charts, how to use colors effectively, choosing the right fonts, and more!

I am still applying some of them to my work but if I compare how I do my work before vs. how I do it now, I can see progress… 😊

Also, I have a different list for Data Storytelling and will likely post it here too! 😊🤗

Guide to Information Graphics by Dona Wong - https://amzn.to/38iOEEq

My first ever book I bought when it comes to this category.The Do’s and Don’ts part is what really makes this a must-buy! It shows how it originally looks and how the author improves it. 

Summary from the book:

In this book, you will learn:

·        to choose the best chart that fits your data;

·        the most effective way to communicate with decision-makers is when you have five minutes of their time;

·        how to chart currency fluctuations that affect global business;

·        how to use color effectively;

·        how to make a graphic “colorful” even if only black and white are available.

Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few - https://amzn.to/3GimJB8

I found this from a book store while looking for another book. Went there to buy 1 book and took home 3. 😂 This book started by showing real-life dashboards and then pinpoints 13 common mistakes when it comes to dashboard design.

Summary from the book:

The book not only teaches how to design dashboards but also gives a deep understanding of the concepts—rooted in brain science—that explain the why behind the how. This revised edition offers six new chapters with sections that focus on fundamental considerations while assessing requirements, in-depth instruction in the design of bullet graphs and sparklines, and critical steps to follow during the design process.

Good Charts by Scott Berinato - https://amzn.to/38iOEEq

I got this based on someone’s recommendation! 😍 What I love about this book is its Chart Structure (Title, Subtitle, Field, Source line). His framework is a must-read for me his sketching is something I do as well. He included a glossary for charts and when to best use them too!

Summary from the book: It provides an essential guide to how visualization works and how to use this new language to impress and persuade. Berinato lays out a system for thinking visually and building better charts through a process of talking, sketching, and prototyping.

I included the links to Amazon! Note that if you use the links I will earn a small commission because I am an affiliate of Amazon. 😊 You can definitely skip this and find the books from your local bookstore! 😉 But do call them ahead as some books might not be available in your country.

Have a great Thursday, Everyone! Happy reading!