New to Astrato challenges

Marjolein Member Posts: 11 Type 0.5

I’m a new user of Astrato so I like to introduce myself. I’m working with data for over 15 years but till about 2 years ago I mainly used Excel and Access. 2 Years ago I discovered Power BI and followed course after course besides SQL, advanced Excel, and other data-related courses, learning to build custom dashboards.

To practice what I learned I started to enter dashboard challenges, mostly the ones of Maven Analytics but also a couple of DataDNA. During looking for new challenges on LinkedIn I learned to know Astrato.

After 2 attempts to use it and deliver a dashboard, this month I pushed myself to my current limit and send in a Star Wars entry. I’m intrigued by the possibilities of Astrato and will give it another try next month. In the meanwhile, I will look back at the monthly live streams to see what features I’ve missed.