New Snowflake Features Released in August 2022

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In August, Snowflake released new capabilities for improved performance and account replication, as well as features that enhance warehousing and programmability of data. Read the details below to learn more about this month’s announced upgrades.

Performance Update

Query compilation time improves by 3.2% on average across all regions

Snowflake recently rolled out a performance enhancement that improved query compilation time by an average of 3.2% across all regions. 


Account Replication is now in preview

Account Replication is currently in public preview. This feature introduces two new Snowflake objects: replication group and failover group. A replication group allows customers to specify which account objects to replicate (in specific regions or cloud platforms) at customizable scheduled intervals. A failover group enables the replication and failover of the account objects in a group. The objects in a group are replicated with point-in-time consistency from a source account to one or more target accounts. Review our documentation for more information about Snowflake’s replication capabilities.

Support for Redirecting Client Connections—now in GA

Support for Redirecting Client Connections has been released for general availability. This feature enables seamless redirection of client connections across Snowflake accounts in different regions and clouds to enable greater business continuity. Client Redirect, together with Account Replication and Failover, enables recovery of an account and client connections. Get more details here.

Data Warehousing

Support for GEOMETRY data type—now in preview

Support for Snowflake’s new GEOMETRY data type is currently available in preview. The GEOMETRY data type represents features in a planar (Euclidean, Cartesian) coordinate system. This feature is available to all Snowflake accounts. Read more.

Data Programmability

Snowpark Stored Procedures in general availability

We are pleased to announce general availability for Snowpark Stored Procedures written in Java and Scala on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. Snowpark Stored Procedures for Java and Scala is also available for preview on Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Support for stored procedures makes Snowpark more useful for developers—and it’s easy to execute. In your stored procedure, you can use the Snowpark API for Java and/or Scala to host your data pipelines in Snowflake. For example, you can write stored procedures in cases where you need to execute your Snowpark code without running a client application (e.g., from a task). Learn more about  Snowpark capabilities or getting started with Snowpark.

Snowflake Marketplace

Snowflake customers can tap into Snowflake Marketplace for access to more than 1,300 live and ready-to-query data, data services, and applications from over 310 third-party data providers and data service providers (as of July 2022), as well as market their own products across the Snowflake Data Cloud. Visit Snowflake Marketplace.

Recently Added Snowflake Marketplace Providers



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