Antarctic Penguins - Infographic Style

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Hey everyone! This is my first Galaxy post!

I was inspired by 3 things when making this workbook:

  1. the snowy weather we've been having in Colorado
  2. the infographic style workbooks I've seen in DataDNA challenges
  3. wanting to learn more about what I can do with the scatterplot features

When I found this Antarctic Penguin data set on kaggle, I knew it was perfect!

This data was collected by amazing scientists, especially Dr. Gorman, Palmer Station LTER and the LTER Network! Parul Pandey got the data onto kaggle with the help of Marty Downs (Director, LTER Network Office). You can read the original research paper here!

In order to make this longer infographic style, I had to split the graphs into three sheets. When they're all stitched together it looks like this:

I had a lot of fun making this and look forward to seeing what else I can do in Astrato!