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Hi everyone!

I hope that this embed link works since I'm still learning how to use the platform.


This topic is close to me since I'm studying for a STEM degree and I'd say that data science is very much dominated by Asian males. This data shows that fewer women even consider studying STEM-related degrees, making them a minority in the workforce as well.

It would be really interesting to see this data split by states or at least see whether there are differences between urban and rural areas but it wasn't included in this dataset.


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    Great work @Karolina_G, thanks for sharing your insights!

    For your embed link, make sure you switch from "restricted" to "external" when you create the link so that others can view your dashboard.

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    Thanks, Emily! I changed the link and I tested it in my other browser - I think it should be good now 😊

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    @Karolina_G great work 👍