Women in STEM Submission

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Hi everyone!

Sharing my submission for the GoodViz challenge https://app.astrato.io/embed/2l32tuX

First time using Astrato and it was not that hard to catch up on the how-to's, I added a button to a dashboard so the user is able to see all the data used to find the insights and filter as needed, but it's not a capability that can be presented in the embed links yet.

There's definitely a huge opportunity to increase the active participation of women in STEM. And the gap is not coming from women not being interested, but from not having or being able to find the right opportunities to practice their abilities, gain more knowledge and acquire experience.

With an internship program that takes both genders into account, but also rolls out a focus in women in STEM, the company would be helping to close the bridge not only at the present moment, but also creating inspiration and helping build role models for future generations of women in STEM.


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    Welcome to Astrato @lfcp! Thank you for sharing your insights! 💡

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    👍 @lfcp default colors are not that bad, great work