Women in STEM - Astrato GoodViz Submission

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Hi everyone,

We as a team - Era, Khushbu and Louisa - are excited to have published our first ever Astrato Dashboard as a submission for the Astrato GoodViz Challenge - Women in STEM

The dashboard gives an overview about the gender inequality currently prevailing in STEM jobs within the US.

 Even thought the percentage of women in both STEM and non-STEM fields grows faster (64%) than the number of male employees (60%), at the current rate we would reach an equal 50/50 split by 2207. Additionally, all of the biggest five STEM occupations in the US have less than 50% female practitioners.

 As the number of female STEM employees is growing at a similar rate as the number of female STEM students, promoting STEM degrees in schools and universities would likely lead to in increase in female STEM employees as well.

Here is the link to our dashboard so you can see for yourself: https://app.astrato.io/embed/XQ7szci

Note: We noticed that actions aren't currently supported in embed links, but we wanted to include them in our project, as it is an Astrato feature we are very excited about. If you want to check out the dashboard with the actions activated (i.e. the two buttons clicked), you can do so here: Women in STEM.


  • dataemily
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    @louisa really neat design! I checked out your link for actions and the actions don't seem to work (though I can imagine they are a quite neat way of swapping between different data in the two charts where the STEM buttons are!) Actions are one of my favorite new features as well- for the time being, I like to share videos with the actions showcase- feel free to add a video or new link if you'd like to show it off! Thanks for your submission!

  • Jochem
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    Nice work Team!! Always love a dark design 👍

  • louisa
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    @dataemily Hi Emily, great idea! We created a short video showing the two buttons working their magic. Check it out here: https://youtu.be/B3W5kvmTySc