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Create a New Discussion

We encourage everyone to create new discussions and engage the rest of the community! 

Step 1: Click the "New Post" Button

Step 2: Select the appropriate category from the dropdown

  • New Discussion: Discussions are meant to spark conversation, bounce ideas, share best practices, or discuss the latest trends.
  • New Poll: Polls offer a way to interact with the community and collect valuable insights 
  • Ask a Question: If you are looking for an answer, ask a question is right for you. These posts allow you to mark an accepted answer when you have gotten a helpful response. 
  • New Idea: we want to hear from you! Idea posts allow you to upvote each person’s ideas to help make Astrato better! Our product team regularly reviews these posts to gather new ways to improve our offering.

Step 3: Give your Discussion a Title

Step 4: Jot down what's on your mind in the body of the discussion and be sure to use some fun emojis!

Here are a few tips to help you create great discussions:

  • Make the discussion title or question as descriptive as possible. A well written title is also going to help search engines better index your post which will bring more people into the discussion. For example, instead of ‘Won’t Connect’, try ‘Help, I’m having problems getting my SSO login to function.’
  • Proof read. Spelling mistakes, typos, and bad grammar will distract readers from the point you’re trying to make. Galaxy automatically saves drafts as you type. If you’re writing a long post, save it as a draft and come back to it after a few minutes.
  • Use minimal formatting. Overly formatted posts can also distract from the message and it encourages others to do likewise and you end up with a hard to read thread.
  • Put your post in the right category. The right category can be the one that has a relevant category name or it can be a category where this kind of post is often made.
  • Use tags. Tags are helpful for others to find keyword related posts. It also helps the site admins get a sense for what topics are popular.
  • If you want responses, ask for them. If you want others to comment, you can encourage them by asking them to do so. If your post is just an FYI then don’t.
  • Add an image. Images add visual interest and make your post look great when shared to social networks. You can embed an image using the button bar or you can upload one from your desktop or phone.
  • Take ownership. Most important of all, take ownership of the discussions that you have created. Respond to comments promptly and thoughtfully. Thank others for commenting on your discussion and help with moderation if things get heated.

More tips on how to use the community like a Pro:

  • Use the reactions. These let you share how you feel about different comments.
  • Mention others. Put an @ symbol before the username to mention someone in a post or reply- they’ll be notified when you do.
  • Update your notification preferences. You’ll receive a notification if someone mentions you or posts to a discussion that you’ve bookmarked. You can set notifications from the Edit Profile page.
  • Get notified when new posts are added to a category. Simply navigate to the category and click on the bell icon to select your notification preferences!
  • Send messages. You can private message members by going to your inbox, or visiting their profile page (click anywhere that their username is displayed).
  • Check out the community from your mobile phone. Just go to the community URL in your browser. Astrato Galaxy is responsive and will resize according to your phone’s display - there’s no need to download an app.
  • Want to embed a YouTube video, a Pinterest Pin, or a Tweet? Just paste in the link. Vanilla will handle the embedding for you!


Everyone is welcome to use Single sign-on (SSO) when signing into Astrato Galaxy. Simply sign up using your Astrato credentials. Community Users must have an Astrato account to participate in this community.

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