Report Transition Excel to PowerBI... then next hope in Astrato

Hemantkumar Member Posts: 4 Type 0.5

I started learning excel but i was not famlarier that we can present data powerpoint. After taking Post Graduate diploma in Data sceince and understading stroy telling i sharp my basic skills and i am trying to learn more as i can. Above visual from excel to powerpoint. step_1.


same pattern i transfer in powerBi to make report.

seeking your feedback what extra i can do more.

Know i planning to create in Astrato let's see if can manage to do it.



  • dataemily
    dataemily Member Posts: 93 Type 2

    This is a great way to learn new tools @Hemantkumar. Astrato has a very sleek, design friendly canvas. I'll encourage you to "think outside the gridlines" when you give this project a try!

  • joe_warbington
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    Additionally, @Hemantkumar , we're just about the launch the first version of embedding Astrato content. So you'll be able to present a live dashboard and share it with anyone.

    This means something like this could be possible shortly: