My second Astrato dashboard

DidierOdayo Member Posts: 1 Type 0.5
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My first was to get the Astrato essentials badge.

I like where Vizlib is going with Astrato. All users should be empowered to gain insight into data without feeling they need to turn into a data scientist first.



  • joe_warbington
    joe_warbington Member, Partner, Customer Posts: 158 Type 2

    Thank you for sharing, @DidierOdayo!

    Soon you'll be able to share an Embed link and people will be able to experience your work live.

  • dataemily
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    Great work for only your second dashboard @DidierOdayo! Giving some additional white space around each of your objects could help with readability- I find that the sheet templates help me to use white space well! You can also turn on the gridlines in your workbook to help line up the objects on your sheet!

    Don't forget to take a look at the other entries for this month and let us know your favorite by reacting to it!