Astratonaut Ranks and Badges

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Rankings in the Galaxy are a reflection of activity and engagement. Upon registration, you are welcomed at the Type 0, Subglobal Civilization Level. By completing your first engagements, you are promoted to the next civilization type. Check out this video to learn more about the Kardashev Scale for Civilizations! 

As you ask questions, receive reactions to your posts, reply, and answer questions, you will accumulate more badges and more badges means points! The more points you earn, the further you will progress your civilization! To receive the most points, answer questions, comment, and react to posts!

In the Kardashev Scale, Type 3 civilizations are thought to be able to use the available energy of their galaxy.  Astratonauts who reach the Type 3, Galactic Civilization Level receive special privileges, including access to a private group and events, exclusive rewards, and the privilege of being a wise and respected Astratonaut of the Galaxy! 

Ranks & Awards

  • Type 0 (0 points)- Subglobal Culture Badge
  • Type 0.5 (25 points)- Space Elevator Achievement Badge, Access to new features forum  where you can recommend new features for the product
  • Type 1 (50 points)- Planetary Astrato Culture Badge
  • Type 1.5 (100 points)- Dyson Swarm Achievement Badge, 5 additional users to your freemium Astrato Workspace
  • Type 2 (250 points)-  Stellar Astrato Culture Badge, Access to a private User board
  • Type 2.5 (500 points)- Stellar Engine Achievement Badge
  • Type 3 (1000 points)- Galactic Astrato Culture Badge, Exclusive Rewards, Private Group & Events


There are MANY badges for you to earn! Badges are achieved at different milestones (ex: 5 insightful received, first comment, 500 awesomes). There are also rare badges that you can find by searching the galaxy and participating in challenges, events, polls, and more! 

Visit this page to see what badges that you can earn! You can request a badge that you have earned by clicking on the missing badge and clicking “request badge”. Our friendly space shuttle attendants will review your request.