March 2022 - DataDNA - Pie Bakery Insights

HendrikSpeelman Member Posts: 6 Type 1

Hi all,

Here you can find some inspiration to my entry of the Onyxdata challenge for March 2022.

I used layers to create the pipeline looking dashboard. I used this approach to put an emphasis on the data journey of the user which in my case would be the CEO of the bakery company, who needs to be able to see insightful KPIs immediately.

As the majority of the users read from left to right, I started with some general KPIs which are being explained if you read the data more and more to the right.

The usage of the colours needed to be able to express a warm feeling, as I always have when I visit a bakery myself (especially in Belgium they have good 'koffiekoeken' 😉).

Let me know what you think and again cheers for having this kind of challenges. I am really planning on using Astrato more in the future!


  • joe_warbington
    joe_warbington Member, Partner, Customer Posts: 156 Type 2

    Nice work @HendrikSpeelman ! I really like the hexagons. Reminds me of 🐝🐝🐝.

    Soon you'll be able to share an Embed link and people will be able to experience your work live.

  • dataemily
    dataemily Member Posts: 93 Type 2

    @HendrikSpeelman I love how you bring us along on a clear story adding more detail at each step. Great work!

  • Fred
    Fred Member, Partner Posts: 6 Type 1

    Awesome dashboard @HendrikSpeelman ! Craving some "koffiekoeken" now... 🤤