Connect to F1 Dataset for the April 2022 #DataDNA Challenge!

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Want to try your hand at Astrato? The April Onyx DataDNA Challenge is the perfect dataset for fun, fast, and creative exploration!

This month, you'll find the data available in the Astrato DemoData Connection. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Log in to Astrato
  2. Click "Create Workbook" at the top right corner of your workspace.
  3. On the next screen, select "New Data View".
  4. Select the Demodata Snowflake connection from the Data Source list. This will open the Data View Editor.
  5. Select the F1 Results Table and begin to create your masterpiece!

After completing your masterpiece, publish your workbook and generate an Embed link. You can generate an embed link by right-clicking on the sheet that you'd like to share. Copy the link and share an image along with the link on the Astrato Galaxy Inspiration page and don't forget to follow the steps to submit your entry into the #DataDNA challenge!

Note: Embed links must be enabled in the administrator section first! Navigate to administrator or contact your administrator to activate embed links!


  • dataemily
    dataemily Member Posts: 93 Type 2

    @DidierOdayo @Malik @HendrikSpeelman @deepasawlani @Desola @leesmith84 Who is joining the April Challenge?! New ways to connect to the dataset and share your visualization this month!! 🚀

  • leesmith84
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    100% will be joining this challenge again, but i'm pretty sure there will be no chance up against the F1 legend that is @Jochem. I will however aim to get somewhere even close to him :) but i feel i would be a bit like the back runners being lapped this time around haha

  • Jochem
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    Maybe i will join this challenge, I told @joe_warbington I will not Do this challenge because lack of time and kids vacation time here in the Netherlands. But we will see and in the end it is just data, so @leesmith84 just do what you did last month👍 To join or not to join that’s the question 🥴

  • SaimiX
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    Ahhhh Can't Wait to be a part of this Again! Was really fun last month and have some new ideas for this month!

  • leesmith84
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    superb @SaimiX look forward to seeing the app on the challenge