Astratonaut Introductions

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Welcome to Galaxy! Comment below and introduce yourself! Tell us where you are joining from, what you do, and how you use Astrato!



  • dansanya14
    dansanya14 Administrator Posts: 40 admin

    Hello There!!

    I'm Daniel Support Engineer for Astrato and it a pleasure to meet you all.

    I look forward to networking with you all and a massive welcome to Galaxy

  • ChrisCostantini
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    Hey guys! Chris here from Support! Looking to explore those uncharted territories!

  • Josh
    Josh Member, Moderator, Employee Posts: 1 mod

    Hey all!

    Josh here from the Sales team. Super excited to see the future of Astrato and the conversations to come with the great Astratonauts exploring the Galaxy!

    🚀👨‍🚀 See you in space! 👩‍🚀🚀

  • MartinMahler
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    whoop whoop! We finally have our very own Astrato community!

  • joe_warbington
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    Joe here from Tampa Bay, though normally my head is in the clouds. I'm on the Industry Solutions team and we build prototypes and projects with Astrato. Looking forward to being woooooowed by the creators here.

  • Carl_Temple_56
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    hey everybody! Carl here from the Exec team - busy exploring the community and learning what we can do in Astrato. I intend on building out all of delivery metrics in Astrato 😁

  • Lindsay
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    Hello everybody! Lindsay here. The Content Manager for Vizlib/Astrato! This community rocks!

  • leesmith84
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    Hello all, Lee Smith, I work for a company AdviseInc working predominantly in the NHS space. Fairly new on Astrato but have been on the Vizlib Legends programme for the past year. Looking forward to seeing an astratonaut incentive similar to the legends programme :). so nice to have a community where we can all share ideas/ help and support each other. look forward to seeing this grow