F1 Onyx Data Challenge for April

Temidayo Member Posts: 7 Type 1

How I spent my weekend, finally completed my Onyx Data Challenge for April.

I would also say big ups to Astrato Analytics on the embed feature. finally, I can see many possibilities with the new feature, and Ameena Ahsan Pirbhai your explanation of the Embed feature was spot on, straight and precise.

👉🏾 Interact with the Report: https://app.astrato.io/embed/SQvfOBe

Not into Formula 1 but I hope I did a good job 😀😀 all the same thanks again for such an awesome opportunity.


  • Robert_Mika
    Robert_Mika Member Posts: 45 Type 1.5

    Not sure if is the browser I'm using(Chrome) but I can not really search for the Forename.

  • Temidayo
    Temidayo Member Posts: 7 Type 1

    Hello @Robert_Mika, you are right, I made the Slicer/filter a drop-down in which you can type the name of the person you want to see. The only issue I also notice is that the drop-down doesn't go all the way down to let you see the forename you want to select.

  • Robert_Mika
    Robert_Mika Member Posts: 45 Type 1.5

    This is what I see:

    BTw. Any reason to have a Forename, not a Surname?

  • dataemily
    dataemily Member Posts: 93 Type 2

    @Temidayo You'll just need to edit your workbook to extend the box for the filter drop down and make sure that it is "brought to the front" in object layering so that you can see the drop down list when expanded! When you re-publish, the same embed link will still work :)

  • Temidayo
    Temidayo Member Posts: 7 Type 1

    @Robert_Mika, why I used Forename was because that was what I used when Creating the Bar chart for the Top racers.

    @dataemily thanks followed your approach and it worked pretty well. Was scared at first the embed link would change when I republished but it still returns me to my original workbook even though a different sheet link was generated

    New: https://app.astrato.io/embed/8RPG0HU

    Old: https://app.astrato.io/embed/SQvfOBe

    Thanks, it worked well

  • joe_warbington
    joe_warbington Member, Partner, Customer Posts: 156 Type 2

    Good looking dashboard, @Temidayo!

    I might give some more space and breathing room to charts, but it could just be the resolution.

    Also, if you have any Feature Requests for capabilities or visuals that you'd like to see, please share those here or vote on existing ideas: https://community.astrato.io/categories/feature-requests

  • Marjolein
    Marjolein Member Posts: 11 Type 0.5

    Hi @Temidayo , what do you mean with the embed feature?