Introducing Astrato's Vegas Viz Contest!

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Place your bets!

With Snowflake Summit fast approaching, Team Astrato is getting in the spirit with our Fabulous Vegas Viz Contest! 🤩

Here's how it works: we have hand-picked a range of impressive dashboards built by our team in Astrato, and now we want you to 'bet' on which one will come out on top.

Visit the post to check out the viz, and use your LinkedIn reactions to place your bet!

We'll be announcing the winning dash on June 16 - so be sure to stay tuned.


  • lauraphysick
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    🎰 Will you choose…

    Sales Forecaster: Live data science at your fingertips! This dash allows the user to adjust the model parameters using Writeback.

    Healthcare Staffing: Featuring a machine learning model that calculates the risk of and factors contributing to attrition, allowing HR to take action.

    ROI Calculator: This dash uses Snowflake Snowpark to predict ROI from different spending scenarios.

    AirBnB Listings: This workbook enables the user to control number of clusters for categorizing AirBnB listings!

    Twitter Hashtag Tracker: This dash uses natural language processing (NLP) to find similar or misspelled alternatives to the search term provided by the user.

    The winner will be revealed on June 16 - so place your bets, and stay tuned! 💥

  • JasonRadford
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    This is awesome! I was fairly accurate with my guesses in our March Mad-DASH Tournament I wonder how my guessing will fair this time 🤔